Tammy & Marcus

May 30, 2024
Dreams Macao
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


May 30, 2024
Dreams Macao
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

A Little About Us

How did you meet?
After a chance encounter with Marcus’ brother, Caleb, Tammy was advised that she would hit it off with Marcus. Taking Caleb up on his advice, Tammy introduced herself to Marcus at one of the couple’s favorite local establishments in 2015. They immediately bonded over their shared love of music, dancing, and family ties. Since then, they have traveled all over to concerts and festivals, dancing through life together.

Who ask who out first?
Marcus invited Tammy to spend Mardi Gras with him in New Orleans.

What attracted you to each other?
Tammy was very attracted to Marcus' sense of humour and sarcastic undertones that matched hers.
She laughed at my stupid jokes. 

What is your favorite memory of each other?
Marcus loves, respects and supports the matriarchs in his family, particularly, Granny Mattie, Granny Ree and his Mother. This showed Tammy the family man side of Marcus. The times they all shared together are the most special memories for Tammy.
Holding each other up Bubba Gump style, May 16th 2016.

What is your favorite way of spending time together?
Listening to music and generally enjoying each others company. 

How did you get engaged?
After asking permission from Tammy’s daughters, Marcus took the opportunity of having both girls in the same place to propose to Tammy in Germany on the Rhein River. The proposal was to the point with a simple “Tammy, I love you. Will you marry me?”. Which was perfect and met with a resounding yes, from Tammy.

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